Benefits of Ice Baths

benefits of ice bathsThe benefits of ice baths (cryotherapy) include:

  • Reduced post exercise recovery time
  • Inflammation and pain reduction
  • Muscle tension reduction
  • Improved Joint function
  • Aids in the prevention of injury.

The CryoSpa ice bath is ideal for 2-3 players with its 40+ jets and has proven to be ‘an integral part of recovery strategy’ for many professional sports clubs. It delivers optimum athlete recovery, which minimises fatigue and helps prevent injury.

A wide variety of clubs are currently using this CryoSpa including:

AC Milan, Manchester City, Crystal Palace FC, Fulham FC, Hull FC, Glasgow Warriors, English Institute of Sport, German Olympic Association, New York Jets and New Jersey Nets.

The flexibility of the CryoSpa is particularly important if you have a diverse range of players with varying tolerances for cold!

You can vary the therapy according to your requirements:

  • Simply chill in the water without the jets on for a less intense ice bath experience.
  • Turn all jets on for the optimum post-exercise recovery.
  • Turn on only the front jets whilst standing on the internal step for extra massage effect and to target areas such as ankles and calves.
  • Turn on only the back jets for extra massage effect to target areas such as hamstrings, calves and glutes.


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