First Session €5

Contact us today to book your €5 first CryoSPA session:

The first session's immersion time will be approximately 10 minutes.

The benefits of Cryotherapy include:

  • Reduced post exercise recovery time
  • Inflammation and pain reduction
  • Muscle tension reduction
  • Improved Joint function
  • Aids in the prevention of injury.

Our CryoSpa unit, with its 40+ underwater jets, is ideal for up to 2-3 athletes and has proven to be an integral part of recovery strategy for many professional sports clubs.

Too much lactic acid build-up can cause your muscles to function poorly and will often lead to fatigue. An ice bath will immediately reduce swelling while flushing lactic acid out of your body. When you sit in an ice bath — or when you rub a cup of ice on the muscles you just trained — the cold causes your blood vessels to tighten. This helps drain the lactic acid out of your tired muscles.

When you get out of the bath, your muscle tissue warms back up, causing a return of oxygenated blood to help your muscles recover.

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