reviews chiropractic clinic cork
“From my use of the Cork Cryotherapy CryoSpa, I had great benefits in terms of recovery.

I had stiffness around my hips and legs but was hugely reduced the following day after spending the required time in the CryoSpa. I would definitely recommend it.”

reviews cork cryotherapy

– Aidan Walsh, Kanturk (Cork Senior Hurler)

“I felt very refreshed after my first treatment. The facilities are top notch. I was happy to see a changing area within the room. The movement in the knee was improved a lot after the bath, coming down the stairs was easier than expected. I would highly recommend the Cryotherapy for anyone who wants to recover the right way and reduce the risk of getting injured. I thought the staff were very helpful to me when I was in the CryoSpa and I’m looking forward to going back for the next session.”

reviews cork cryotherapy

– Jessica O’ Shea, Midleton (Cork Senior Ladies Footballer)

“Before getting into the Cryotherapy Cryospa, I felt stiff and sore from a mid week game but after a quick ten minutes in the bath it was reduced and I was ready to train that night. The service is excellent with great friendly staff making the experience an enjoyable one. I would definitely recommend to athletes of all sports.”

reviews cork cryotherapy

– Olan Daly, Kanturk RFC

“Only a few hours after my session today, I’m already feeling benefits, I have used ice baths and Epsom salts, saunas and a million other recovery methods before but never like this, I went in and my legs were exhausted and had extremely tight calves and adductor, since I did my session I feel looser and can’t wait to get back to the pitch tomorrow to test out my rejuvenated legs. The staff were more than helpful and guided me through it all and were most informative.

Thank you Cork Cryotherapy,  an excellent service and I would advise anyone who to use it. I will be returning shortly.”

reviews cork cryotherapy

– Maureen O’ Sullivan, Beara (CIT Ladies Football/Rugby)

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